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Globaldesk – Service Center

Globaldesk offers operative back office services for the shipping industry and the international trade. As representatives and managers, we ensure to preserve the confidentiality of our client’s information and seek to operate within a standardized model, this is why we have certified our processes and constantly strive to the techniques and technologies that allow us to improve them and to be able to deliver a consistent and efficient service to our clients.

Value Added: “More time for your core business”

We take care of the operative needs of your company, seeing to the processes that do not belong to the core business, allowing us to focus on the critical activities to fulfill your mission and strategic objectives.

We aim to develop long term relationships that enable mutual benefit and growth through the delivery of quality services, meeting our client’s expectations.   

What we do.

We focus on offering Outsourcing services to the companies in the shipping sector and the international trade sector. We have the capacity to develop processes and mechanisms to attend procedures at port, management of documents and container control. 

We offer the following services:

Documentary Management

  • Imports / Exports.
  • Control and Release Management.
  • Customs Manifest
  • Tasks automation.

Container Control

  • Container tracking.
  • Management and control of delays.
  • Management and control of damages.
  • Issuance of Bailments.
  • Real time billing.
  • EDI management.
  • Bailments opening / closing.

Formalities and Front Desk

  • Release / Emission of documents.
  • Container deconsolidation.
  • Customer service desk.
  • Formalities before the authorities / special formalities.

Administrative Back Office

  • Invoicing.
  • Management of Ship owners’ cash advances.
  • Ship’s settlement and invoicing.
  • Portfolio collection 



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Globaldesk – Service Center